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In the middle of the "Bermuda Triangle", the trendy district in Freiburg's city centre, between Bertholdsbrunnen and Martinstor, you will find Légère. The home-style cuisine ranges from freshly made tarte flambée and cheese spaetzle to curry sausage in various degrees of spiciness. A large selection of both local and national beers and wines rounds off the visit. Of course, various long drinks and cocktails are also on the menu.

Current offers

We change our current offers at regular intervals.
Depending on the season, there is asparagus or pumpkin soup, for example.

It happened, we lit on fire....

Red mulled wine

White wine mulled wine

from the Winzerkeller Auggener Schäf

Vegetarian potato soup

Potato soup with Wienerle

NEW! Grape Gin

from the Böttchehof in Schallstadt.

Opening hours




12-23 h


12-23 h


12-23 h


12-01 h


12-01 h


13-22 h

The kitchen is open until 21:30 during the week and until 22:00 on weekends.

Approach & contact

Niemensstraße 8
79098 Freiburg

1 2 3 4
Bertoldsbrunnen (200m)

Stadttheater (300m)

Tiefgarage Uni KG Freie Plätze: 105
(Stand 03/2023: 2,50€/h | 18€/Tag)

Tiefgarage Rotteck Freie Plätze: 215
(Stand 08/2023: 2,20€/h | 27€/Tag)

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